General Information
1)  Circumstances may arise that make it prudent to remain closed for a day, delay opening school on a given day, or close early. Decisions as to  
whether to open on a delayed schedule or to close school will be made by the principal.  The goal to determine if school is closed for the day will
be made by 6:00am.
2)  Announcements of closing decisions will be posted to the school web site, email sent and families will be called by the school administration
using the emergency calling system.

3)  Please do not call the school office. If no announcements are made, school is open on a regular schedule.

4)  Parents have the ultimate responsibility to determine if it is safe to attend school. Parents who judge the conditions to be hazardous should keep
their children at home.

Early dismissal

Early dismissal will be considered only in case of extreme emergencies (i.e. city emergency, chemical leaks/spills, etc.). Your children should be aware of your early dismissal arrangements should the need arise. Students will be dismissed only after parents have been notified. If weather conditions are worsening and you wish to pick up your child before we are dismissed, please report to the office and not the classroom.

Delayed opening

A delayed opening indicates St. Margaret of York School will be opened, but on a DELAYED SCHEDULE. The exact time will be indicated in the notice of delay.  Please do not drop students off before the established time as there will be no adult supervision. The message will also include the status of morning kindergarten and all known school projects.

Bus Transportation
Transportation to and from St. Margaret of York by bus is determined by the school district that provides the bus.  If your local school district closes, no busing will be provided that day, at the beginning or end of the day, regardless if St. Margaret is in session.  If your local school district is on a delay, the bus will follow that delay schedule.  For example, if school district A goes on a 60 minute delay, the bus will arrive at the bus stop 60 minutes later than normal pick up time.